The age of TV is coming to an end. All research done across the globe shows that people are watching traditional TV stations less and less and that they are migrating towards other types of content. Youtube and streaming services are on the rise and that’s easy to see, just by the sheer number of them popping up out of the blue. Netflix and HBO Go used to be almost all alone in the world of streaming but now we also have Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime and so on.

Companies are rather slow to adapt to this new trend, seemingly. Some have started promoting their products on streaming services but there are some hiccups along the way that need to be overcome. BMW’s head of marketing in the US said, in an interview with Adage, the company is looking into it but traditional product placement won’t work on streaming platform. Instead, the approach should include growing with the influencers you decide are worth your time.

“Right now, my head is all around, do I get into the Netflixes, and the Hulus and Disney+? Because these things are taking over more and more. We have to be more creative now. A simple product placement is not working anymore,” said Uwe Dreher about such prospects. “I am very much right now into the idea of working exclusively with one of those studios or brands to have one of their new shows—where we believe it will be a big hit in the future—working with the talent that at the moment the cast is not like big names … and make them brand ambassadors for BMW.”

That seems to be the plan for now and it looks like a different approach is needed. After all, we all have to adapt to the times we live in and BMW is no exception. One move they are making seems to be in the superhero action movie genre. Just yesterday we we told you that the new 2 Series Gran Coupe will star in the Black Widow movie, following in the footsteps of various Audi models that were used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. Let’s see how that goes over with the fans.