The BMW i4 Concept brings a very interesting question to the table: is it really close to the production model? That’s a valid question as the car looks absolutely stunning inside and out. BMW has been on a roll in recent years when it came to concepts and how they materialized.

Starting with the i8, which was nearly identical to its concept in production clothes, to the X7, a good part of the cars launched in recent years have been really impressive in that regard.

As for the i4, it looks like it’s going to follow the same path. Speaking to Automotive News, BMW sales boss, Peter Nota said the production car will be very close to the concept in execution:

“The production model will be very close to the Concept i4 that was shown in March, including the vertical kidney grille used first on the Concept 4 unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt auto show. Another feature that will make it into production is the curved instrument panel that extends to include the central display. This a driver-oriented cockpit puts the driver at the center of the action.”

So, what we can take away is that the huge grille is definitely staying but that’s something we already knew. The BMW 4 Series will also have it as will the 4 Series Gran Coupe.

What’s interesting though is that the interior will suffer some drastic changes once that huge curved display will be added to the mix. We’ve seen spyshots of the new 4 Series so far and it didn’t feature that style of infotainment screen which could indicate that only the i4 and maybe other electric cars will have this interior design trait.

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Another big unknown right now is whether the rest of the cabin will stick to what the Concept is featuring. That would be great news, at least in my book, as I love the minimal approach the car has in concept guise.

How the whole BMW i4 will turn out in the end remains to be seen, but I’m feeling rather optimistic right now.