Back when the G30-generation of the BMW 5 Series debuted, it faced a bit of criticism for its larger kidney grilles, connected headlights and the fact that it was a bit too conservative, too similar to its predecessor. Admittedly, it faced nearly no criticism at all compared to some more modern Bimmers. Still, it wasn’t universally loved. Now that the G30 has been on sale for a few years and is looking at a mid-cycle LCI refresh, I think it’s looking better than ever.

Maybe it’s the shock of seeing cars like the BMW Concept 4 and i4 Concept but the G30 BMW 5 Series is looking especially handsome these days. It never really wasn’t handsome but its charms certainly seem stronger than ever. Its conservative BMW styling seems like a hot cup of tea to calm our nerves after seeing radically changed cars like the aforementioned concepts. I’m sure all of its critics, claiming it to be too boring when it debuted, are kicking themselves now that BMW’s gone a bit grille-crazy.

When I first saw the new G20 BMW 3 Series, I thought it was the best looking BMW sedan. It was sharp, sporty and fun looking. Maybe it’s just me getting older by the 5er’s calmer approach is become more attractive to my eyes.

The current G30 5 Series features a relatively simple design but it’s one that works. Its proportions are spot-on, its lines are clean and crisp and it’s athletic looking enough to let you know it isn’t your granddad’s luxury car. While its kidney grilles seemed enormous when it first debuted, they seem positively puny by modern BMW-standards. And both its headlights and taillights are simple and inoffensive.

What I also like about it is the fact that it needs nothing to be handsome. It doesn’t need a certain model variant to look good, nor does it need an M Sport package or a certain color. Sure, the M550i is better looking than a 530i but the latter isn’t ugly by any means. In fact, I think the 530i is better looking than every other BMW Series sedan on sale right now (I’m intentionally excluding the 8 Series Gran Coupe because BMW claims it to be a four-door “coupe” and not a sedan).

Despite being possibly BMW’s best looking sedan at the moment, the G30 BMW 5 Series is possibly the brand’s most unappreciated car, both in terms of styling and drive. Which is a shame because it’s a great car to drive and I think its looks are aging like fine wine.