In the last year, Cadillac has been hard at work on their new line-up. They launched a series of new models recently including the Escalade and the new CT5 which is adhering to a new naming scheme. I’m not going into details but the CT5 is aimed at cars like the 5 Series, A6 and E-Class. Which brings me to today’s video.

I’ve been watching the guys from Throttle House for quite some time now, before they made cool videos with Jason Camisa. They have been pretty spot on but this time I don’t agree with the comparison they set up. That’s simply because the CT5 is a bigger animal altogether. You can actually see that in the video below, in any of the shots with the two cars together. The 3 Series is smaller than the Cadillac but they do have a point when it comes to engines and pricing.

What we have here then is a comparison between the new BMW 3 Series and the new Cadillac CT5 Sport. While both cars come with 4-cylinder engines under the hood and similar price tags, that’s about where the similarities end. The 3 Series’ more compact size make it a more agile car even though it doesn’t have the M Sport package. Yet, I agree it should be a standard option on any 3er right now as it makes a huge difference.

The CT5 on the other hand comes up short in the drivetrain department. The big issue I think comes from the gearbox, which isn’t nearly as well set up as the ZF unit in the 3 Series. Without a good gearbox, you could have the best engine in the world and still end up disappointed as the power would struggle to reach the road.

There are a number of other points the guys discuss and you should listen in case you were comparing the two and couldn’t make up your mind.