Keyless entry and Keyless Go are some of the best comfort options ever invented for a car. I love these systems on my car and whenever I have to review one that doesn’t have them I am instantly reminded just how awful life used to be before them. Don’t get me wrong, I know these are “first world problems.” Yet, once you get used to their features and touchless functions, pressing a button suddenly becomes a chore.

The problem with these systems though is that they are prone to being stolen easier than ever before. You’ve probably seen videos online of this happening and it’s actually incredible how easily thieves can gain access to your car. Furthermore, they can easily drive away with it, in literally a matter of seconds. The video below shows exactly that, with a BMW M2 Competition. The footage posted on a Reddit thread shows how the owner’s car got jumped in less than three minutes.

Now we can only go by what we see in this video. But allegedly, this procedure is quite popular, and we will avoid describing the exact process so it doesn’t trigger copycats.

If you live in an apartment building on the seventh floor, chances are you won’t have such problems anytime soon. But, if you live in house and keep your car key relatively close to the wall, this can happen if your car is parked outside. In this case, it would’ve helped if the car was inside a yard with a fence to protect it.

Since that’s not the case, the thieves had an easy task on their hands.

According to the uploader, the car was found some 40 kilometers away, ditched on the side of the road, the very next day. For some reason, the thieves decided to leave it behind. That was lucky for our man but others didn’t get a second chance like that. If you want to keep your car protected, you could use a Faraday cage for your key fob. We’ve never used one, but based on the online reviews, it actually works.