We’ve seen it before plenty of times. The BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra have been compared more often than not and that’s understandable as these two share quite a lot of their underpinnings. The Z4 and the Supra are even made on the same assembly lines over in Austria. Nevertheless, every time we’ve seen these two cars compared, it was with a six-cylinder under the hood in both cases.

This time though, the guys from Car Advice decided to go about it differently. They decided to focus on the price tag of these cars and I think they might be right in their assessment. As you might know, in Australia, you pay a lot of money on premium cars. They are subjected to hefty taxes and that’s how you end up with a BMW Z4 sDrive20i costing around AUD90,000 ($57,000 at today’s exchange rate). Australians are used to it but when you think about what else you could get for that money…

The list includes the Toyota Supra GR. That’s the fully fledged model, the one fitted with the BMW B58 straight six engine under the hood, not the 2-liter 4-cylinder recently unveiled alternative. For that kind of money, it’s a better deal overall for a number of reasons.

From the power and performance difference working for it, to the fact that it is a BMW underneath it all. The engine is from Munich, the gearbox and even the infotainment system to some extent. Therefore, you still get some BMW flavor but with more performance for the same money. Win-Win.I do see the extra appeal of the Z4 too though. If you’re not particularly interested in outright performance within this price range and are more keen to luxury and style, the Z4 is a better alternative. It can fold its roof if you want it to, and it looks better in my book. What would you choose?