The 2020 Italian BMW Driving Experience season debuted on January 29th at the Livigno ice plateau. The main stages of the 2020 BMW Driving Experience program are the Advanced Safe and Ice Driving course in the series of Advanced Safe Driving Courses.

In addition to the standard theory sessions, participants will have the opportunity to try out numerous practical sessions including braking exercises, obstacle avoidance, understeer, oversteer and two sets of track laps to perfect driving technique and cornering trajectories. This BMW Driving Experience will occur on the most prestigious slopes of the Italian territory: Vallelunga, Adria, Monza, Misano, and for the first time in Livigno.

The Advanced Safe Ice and Snow Driving parts of the BMW Driving Experience will take place for the first time on the Ghiacciodromo di Livigno. It’s ideal for learning the most suitable techniques for driving on very poor grip surfaces.

This course develops the ability to evaluate grip conditions, to obtain directional stability under the most critical circumstances and the aptitude to maintain control of the car in the most difficult grip conditions. Slalom, braking, understeer and oversteer exercises are planned as well as activities in Ice Skating with the BMW M2 Competition and with the BMW M135i xDrive.

The car fleet in Italy will consist of 21 BMW, BMW M and BMW i models represented by the following choice: BMW 118d (5 cars), BMW 225xe (2 cars), BMW M240i (2 cars plus a SpecialMente model for disabled people) , BMW 320d Touring (2 cars), BMW M135i xDrive (2 cars) and BMW M2 Competition (4 cars) for Advanced Safe Driving Courses, two BMW M4 Coupe Competitions dedicated exclusively to Sport Driving Courses and a BMW i3s 120Ah a available only for dedicated Test Drives on public roads.

Check out more interesting photos from the first edition of the BMW Driving Experience program in Italy. Enjoy!