The first ever commercially sold electric MINI is now available worldwide. The MINI Cooper SE is here to provide a fun alternative for those looking for a zero-emissions car. We recently sampled it and found the electric MINI a truly enjoyable ride albeit with a limited range. Nevertheless, this is meant to be more of a city car anyway and the first commercial featuring the “fresh kid on the block” shows it.

The 1-minute long video shows the car in its natural habitat, around busy city streets. It also goes over the extremely fast-paced lifestyle we have these days and the challenges it presents. The new MINI deals with all of them and wants you to take a step in a new, bold direction, without too much regard to what others are saying. It is, in a way, a similar approach to the one used by the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

It’s a nice bouquet of stories knitted together rather nicely. I can easily see why this commercial will be well received by the audience because it fits the character of the car. Whether the new MINI will rise to the expectations depends on what they are. Commercially it could prove a hit. In the US, prices start at $30,000 and, with various incentives the tags can go below the $20,000 mark.

TEST DRIVE: 2020 MINI Cooper SE – Fun, Stylish and Affordable

That’s very appealing for a premium electric car. On the performance side of things, it may not be a Tesla Model S P100D but it is zippy around town and it will provide plenty of adrenaline shots to keep the ride entertaining. It might be considered by some too small or its range might be seen as ‘insufficient’, but that’s only going to be the case if you don’t understand the purpose of the MINI.

If you adjust your expectations, this should be a good choice for a certain demographic.