The BMW M8 Competition is the beast of the BMW range today. A sleek 2-door coupe model with 625 HP sounds like a dream machine to many of us. With that power figure, the BMW M8 Competition is more powerful than its direct rivals from McLaren and Aston Martin. But it’s not just about the brute power output when it comes to the M8. It’s also about how that power is delivered and how the car handles.

After all, we are talking about an M car here and fans of ‘The Most Powerful Letter In The World’ have certain expectations. Sure, in a straight line, the M8 Competition will probably go through its rear tires in a matter of minutes, provided you activate its rear-wheel drive mode. Rory Reid, the man reviewing the beast in the video below, makes that point clear from the get go. But how about other aspects of the car?

According to Rory, one of the shortcomings of the M8 Competition might be the fact that it doesn’t look as fast as it really is. The McLaren and Aston Martin rivals make a statement whenever you see them while the M8 Competition is just a bit meaner than a regular 8 Series. Then again, that ‘sleeper’ factor might be just right for you, it all depends on what you want from a car. I, for one, prefer to surprise people who underestimated me or, in this case, the car.

In the end though, it’s a pretty interesting combination that sets the M8 Competition apart from the rest of the platoon. It has more tech than its rivals, it is cheaper in most cases and it can switch to rear-wheel drive mode. That’s something you don’t see in other cars in its class. Combine that with its sleek, under the radar look, and you get quite a unique combo.

Here is our own 0-100 km/h sprint in 2.8 seconds: