When the BMW M850i first debuted, we compared its styling to that of the Aston Martin DB11. While the DB11 is a quite a bit more expensive than the 8er, they’re still very similar cars in terms of their intended objectives. Now that the BMW M8 Competition Coupe is here, it’s time to compare it to another Aston, this time the DBS Superleggera.

Again, the DBS is far more expensive than the BMW M8 and is even more powerful, developing an astonishing 715 hp compared to the M8 Competition’s 625 hp. It’s shocking that we live in a world where 625 hp sometimes isn’t enough. That’s neither here nor there. We’ve yet to drive either of these cars, especially the M8 which no one has driven yet, so we can’t comment on power or performance. We’re only here to talk about styling.

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The BMW M8 takes on the Aston DBS simply because they’re both big, very powerful, very fast performance machines built from grand touring cars. They’re also similar in size and layout. Yes the BMW M8 is much less expensive (about $200,000 less expensive) but let’s look at this as the M8 being a sort of budget alternative to the uber-premium DBS. Can the cheaper BMW compare with prestigious Aston in terms of styling?

In a word, no. The BMW M8 is a great looking car, don’t get me wrong. Its proportions are right, the styling is powerful and seductive and its racier accents really make it exciting to look at. However, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is just jaw-dropping.

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The Big Brit’s massive grille is a bit shocking at first but it grows on you quickly and it starts to look really good. The rest of it, though, is just stunning. It’s low, wide and sleek and is one of the prettiest designs on the road.

In profile, there’s just no comparison. The BMW M8 is a great looking car with a very pretty silhouette but it’s just no match for the breathtaking Aston.

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However, there’s just no getting around how much more expensive the Aston is. For $300,000, it better be jaw-dropping. So the fact that the BMW M8 can even hang with the Aston for around a third of the price is pretty impressive. While the Aston Martin DBS Superlegga is the better looking car flat-out, the BMW M8 is still a gorgeous car that can be had for a fraction of the price.

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