Despite the heavy criticism for its monstrous grille, we’re some of the few believers in the upcoming BMW 4 Series and its design. Yes, each one of its Kidney Grilles will be larger than a human child but the rest of it is going to look very surprisingly good. Or at least that’s how it seems from the increasing amount of spy photos we’re seeing. The latest of which show the next-gen 4 Series Coupe doing some winter testing. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, we see a heavily camouflaged 4 Series Coupe working itself out in the snow. Grille size aside, I think the next-gen 4er is going to be one of the very best looking cars in the segment. It has proportions and styling similar to the 8 Series and that’s a very good thing. In profile especially, the new 4 Series is pretty, sporty and muscular.

BMW Concept 4 Series 3 1 830x553

Up front, it gets new, sleeker headlights that separate themselves from the 3 Series’ headlights. So they lack the little notches the 3er has at the bottom of its headlights. It also has a more heavily creased hood, making it look even sportier.

Out back, slick new LED taillights adorn the rear end and make it look much more modern than the current car. It also has a bit of a ducktail spoiler built into the rear trunk lid. The model we’re looking at in these photos seems to be a BMW 430i, based on its exhaust pipes, which would make it the entry-level model in America. Even still, the relatively lowly 430i looks very good. So we have high hopes for the rest of the 4 Series lineup.

Most fans can’t see past the absurd Kidney Grille of the next-gen 4er. But if they give it a chance, I think the rest of the 4 Series will look good enough to make fans forget about its buck-toothed face.

[Source: Motor1]