When the BMW Concept 4 first made its debut, it was universally praised and slammed at the same time. Enthusiasts actually praised its overall shape and design, as it’s a very pretty coupe with great rear-wheel drive proportions. However, it was also slammed for its massive, monstrous grille. The worst part about it all is the fact that it’s widely criticized grille is likely to make its way onto the production 4 Series and even more Bimmers over the next few years.

Some new renderings have been made, showing off the BMW Concept 4 grille on other Bimmers and even the Toyota Supra. Spoiler alert: it’s not great.

In these renders, we see the new Concept 4 grille affixed to all sorts of new BMWs. The BMW M135i, 2 Series Gran Tourer, 3 Series Touring, 5 Series and 7 Series all get the new grille design here and none of them look particularly good. It looks best on the 7 Series LCI because that already has a monstrous grille, so this new one isn’t much bigger, and we’re used to it. But on everything else, the new grille design is, well, not excellent.

Oddly enough, I think it looks almost decent on the Toyota Supra, which is essentially a BMW anyway. And it doesn’t look absolutely horrid on the 5 Series but it still doesn’t look good.

What’s unnerving about these renders is the fact that we’re likely to see a similar grille design on many new BMWs in the future. We’re going to absolutely see it on at least two to three production cars in the next couple of years. The BMW Concept 4 is a precursor to the 4 Series and we’ve been told by our sources that the concept’s grille will carry over to the production 4er. We also know it will make its way to the next-gen M3 and M4.

After seeing these renders, we really hope that BMW gets the hint; customers don’t want these monstrous grilles. They just look frightening.

[Source: Motor1]