BMW’s most progressive car to date – the i8 – is on its way out. A replacement is in the books and it’s likely to get a special M treatment. So it’s only fitted that before it bows out, tuning shops from around the world are still working their magic on the car.

This particular BMW i8 started out as a salvage vehicle with damage to the front, side and rear. AUTOcouture Motoring teamed up with Mark Kwak and Rich Benoit also known as Rich Rebuilds on YouTube. If you’re familiar with him, you know that he is all about electric cars, but with a focus on Tesla.

Therefore, it was Rich’s first time working with a BMW, more exactly a totaled i8 that it was brought back to life. The wrecked i8 cost him $28,000. The bonnet needed to be replaced, and the right headlight, left-rear wheel, and left taillight were damaged or missing as well.

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Automotive Specialty Wraps dressed each of the panels in matte grey. Of course, the lowered was lowered and wears new shoes from HRE Wheels. The HRE Classic 305 are 20×8.5 et 35 (front) and 20×10.5 et 55 (rear) wrapped in Toyo Proxe Sport tires in 235/35/20 (front) and 285/235/20 (rear).

California-based shop Vorsteiner added carbon bits while the ECU tuning was provided by DME Tuning.