The BMWBLOG garage is getting a shake-up! Roughly 2 years ago after picking up my custom-built hero F80 M3 and publishing my video review which detailed my impressions of the car and what it was like during the first year of ownership (watch the review here) I’m now saying goodbye to the M CHI3F, but welcoming the M CHI3F 2.0! Or in other words, a 2018 BMW M3 CS. Watch the video reveal at the end of the article, then after that read the rest of this article so you can feel better about all the weird car stuff you do that only car people understand.

Here’s the thing, you’re into BMWs. It’s why you’re here reading this article and not something about the latest cryptocurrency, or the newest way to grow your own kale, or why it is that the political administration of X country is talking smack to the representative of Y principality.

But beyond your passion for BMW, or Rolls-Royce, or even MINI, you’re a car enthusiast at heart. I say car enthusiast because you can’t just love BMW’s and not love cars in general. It’s like saying you like to be hydrated but hate drinking liquids.

Now, being a car enthusiast carries with it a ton of baggage. How? Well, you take care of your car, you maintain it, you get its oil changed ahead of schedule. You protect your car by parking way out there where there’s no shopping carts and that one secret corner section means that at least one side of your vehicle is safe. You don’t let your keys dangle and hit the side of your car as you get out and walk past it. The point is, there’s a certain amount of YOU that pours itself into your car because you care. You go on road trips and make awesome memories with your family and friends. You modify your car and make it your own by giving it your own flair and style. And little by little, you doing all of these things, you connect with your car more and more.

So now I ask you – what do you do when it’s time to let go of your car for a different one? How do you cope? What if you downgrade? Or maybe upgrade? What if you’re letting go of your dream car? What about your Hero car?

2021 BMW M3/M4 will “differentiate very much from base models”

Now, having experienced the joy of owning my Hero M3 for 2 years and seeing that era end, I’m ready to unveil what the next chapter will bring in the M CHI3F saga. If you haven’t already watched the film (top of the article) then please join me in welcoming the latest member to the BMWBLOG family. Hit the link, watch the video, and celebrate with me the arrival of the M CHI3F 2.0!

As always, we love to hear from you in the comments section below, especially if you’ve experienced the joy/sorrow of letting go of a car that has meant a lot to you. Give us your thoughts, and if you have questions don’t hesitate to drop them below. Follow us on our social channels and subscribe for more content like this. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time!