James Bachici

James is a senior writer and video editor for BMWBLOG. He joined the team in 2015. Born in California and raised in Germany, France and Romania, James currently resides in Bellevue, Washington where he keeps busy exemplifying the saying “do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” He also works in the video game industry over at Microsoft’s 343 Industries as a Playtest Coordinator where he helps make Halo awesome every day. James has owned several BMW cars over the years, from an awesome F80 BMW M3 Competition to an F80 BMW M3 CS.
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BMW CCA celebrates 50 years of BMW M with special models

2022 has been quite a year for BMW M, and rightfully so having garnered countless enthusiasts over the past 50 years of its existence. It’s no surprise then that peppered throughout the calendar year we’ve…

Editorial: BMW G80/G82 M3 and M4 – An Exploration In Design

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BMWBLOG garage is getting a BMW M3 CS

The BMWBLOG garage is getting a shake-up! Roughly 2 years ago after picking up my custom-built hero F80 M3 and publishing my video review which detailed my impressions of the car and what it was…

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BMW X7: Live Photos & Impressions

Ever since BMW announced they’d grace the automotive world with their biggest, most luxurious, best-equipped SUV ever – the X7 – fans all over the world have been clamoring to get real-life photos of this…