A couple of weeks before the unveiling of the BMW X6 M Competition, the people from BMW teased us with a video showing the car under heavy camo on the Miramas test track. Now that the cars are out in full, BMW posted the video uncensored on Youtube and we can now get a better idea as to what they are about.

The BMW X6 M Competition comes with the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 as the M5 Competition, and with the same amount of power, rated at 625 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque. That’s 50 horsepower more than the previous model. It’s also nearly half a second faster from standstill to the usual 62 mph benchmark speed. The 20-minute long video below also includes footage of the guys going over the design side of things, even though the car is still under heavy camo.

The most interesting bit is the driving part, though. Judging by Malmedie’s facial expression, he was pretty impressed with the way the car performed. One of the new things the X6 M comes equipped with as standard are adjustable brakes. Since the car comes with a brake by wire system, you can now adjust the brake feel using the infotainment system.

The all-wheel drive system is also completely new on the X6 M. Borrowed from the M5, the new system doesn’t have the option of sending all the power to the rear wheels alone. However, you’ll be able to drift this car easily, thanks to the way the xDrive system is set up.

That’s made pretty obvious by our host as he takes the car through a wet handling course. To end things on a high note, we’re being treated to a couple of hot laps. Enjoy the videos and stay tuned next year for the first press drives of the new BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M!