If there’s one dynamic duo everyone’s talking about these days, it’s the BMW Z4Toyota Supra one. The two cars are blamed a lot for their shared underpinnings, but in the end, they are still two different cars. To highlight that, the guys from Throttle House have done their homework and shared their thoughts on the two cars via a rather long comparison review.

From the get-go, the two manufacturers said that without each other these cars would’ve never seen the light of day. Thus, we should be grateful that they are here at all and then think about that for a moment before criticizing. Sure, they share some buttons, some hardware and the engine, but they have different characters and that’s what matters the most. On the design side of things, people’s views are split between them. While I like the Z4 more, according to the Throttle House guys, the Supra attracts more attention.

Inside the cabin, the Z4 feels more premium while the Toyota comes with a truly awkward looking steering wheel. Those are not really important though, as the way these cars drive will define them. Under the hood hides the same 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine and the manufacturers claim that it has different levels of power. The BMW is supposed to have 382 HP in the North American version while the Supra should have 335.

Those numbers don’t add up though. If we were discussing the European spec of the Z4, the numbers the guys got for their 0-62 mph runs should be dead on at 4.5 and 4.4 seconds. However, the US version should be considerably faster than the Supra and closer to the 4-second mark. As for how the two handle themselves, leaving the speed factor aside, take a look below and learn more about the gentleman cruiser and the sports car.