Rolls-Royce is a brand known for its surefooted personality, one that doesn’t ever cause waves or do publicity stunts. Rolls-Royce is such a loved and respected brand it has become an adjective, and is basically synonymous with the best of the best in any field. The Rolls-Royce Phantom, the brand’s crown jewel, is the best example in that regard.

Simply put, there’s simply no better car in the world right now, as various journalists have repeatedly said. It’s so good, it doesn’t really need a commercial and yet, Goodwood decided to make one anyway and it’s simply brilliant. That’s because it features one of the rising stars of Hollywood, Gwendoline Christie. In case the name doesn’t really ring a bell, you’ll immediately recognize who she is if I mention Game of Thrones. That’s right, she’s the brilliant Lady Brienne from the famous HBO series.

This is basically the role that turned her into a global superstar and, just like the Rolls-Royce brand and the Phantom, the character she played was understated and yet dead serious and very efficient when it came to her duty. That’s probably why the two getting together and shooting such a brilliant short clip is a genius idea, especially considering the crazy way they are portrayed together.

From seeing the Phantom covered up in mud and cleaned with a fire hose, to watching her mouthing car engine noises while behind the wheel, everything’s just off here. She actually got to make fun of the image the Rolls-Royce Phantom projects into the world and that’s nothing to scoff at. Having a party in the back? Sure, there’s enough room alright but is it proper to do that? Gwendoline certainly doesn’t care, and I love her for that. This is absolutely refreshing! Here’s to rewriting the rules!