It may seem a bit weird, considering how many new cars BMW has been launching lately, but the German company is also making other ‘wheeled contraptions’ and has been doing so for a long time. Few people know this but BMW has been making bikes for about 70 years now. They are not as widely-known as other companies for making bicycles, but their products are top notch nonetheless. A new range of models has been announced by the Munich-based manufacturer today.

Come to think of it, bikes are a logical alternative to cars, since we’re all trying so desperately to slow down or even reverse climate change. They are basically the best alternative to walking when it comes to eco-friendly mobility in a rush. BMW even announced a couple hybrid bikes today, in case you don’t want to pedal either. The one with the biggest battery is the BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike which uses a Brose Drive S Alu motor and a 600 Wh lithium-ion battery.

There’s also the BMW Urban Active Bike which has a much smaller battery which can be used to help out from time to time, when you get tired. Other models include the new BMW Cruise Bike, with a frame created by the masterminds over at Designworks as well as the BMW M Bike which, in this new guise, comes dressed up in matte black with M stripes on it. In true M fashion, the BMW M bike comes with the fork, spacers and seat posts made from carbon fiber.

If space is tight, you can get the new BMW Folding Bike which can be stowed in extremely small spaces according to BMW. Kids haven’t been left out either, with the BMW kids bike and the BMW Junior Cruise bike being created specifically for them. All these bikes are already available at BMW dealers, prices varying depending on your location.