If BMW enthusiasts had their way, there’d be an ALPINA version of each and every BMW model. That’s because ALPINA makes some of the coolest, most special Bimmers on the market. Sometimes they’re even more interesting than M Division cars. Unfortunately, market size and cost limit the amount of cars ALPINA can actually make. However, there are some new Bimmers which may get the blue-and-green treatment, such as the BMW X7 and Z4.

When talking to Motor1, ALPINA Boss Andreas Bovensiepen said that an X7 might be in the cards. “Like I said, we want to work with the big SUVs,” he told Motor1. “It’s too early to tell, but I think [X7] would be great for the U.S.”

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He’s not wrong. Big luxury SUVs sell like crazy here in the U.S., especially ultra-premium ones. Drive in Beverly Hills for thirty seconds and you’ll see more top-end Range Rovers and G-Wagens than you can count. So an ALPINA XB7 (or whatever it’d be named) would work very well here.

Boevensiepen also seems open to the idea of a Z4. “So we did a Z4 in the past, E85, and there were only three markets in which this car was good: Germany, Japan, and Great Britain. The rest of the market was not interesting, or it was price-wise quite difficult… so these kind of cars are not our first priority. But of course, it’s fun to have a nice roadster.”

When asked about whether or not ALPINA would ever work with a Supra, he didn’t seem opposed to the idea entirely. “I’ve never thought about this question, to be honest. First of all, we look at the Z4 and say, “what could we make out of this kind of car?” Currently, to be honest, we have not thought about making a coupe version of a Z4. As I mentioned before, in America we are looking more at big cars. The market of a Z4 and Supra is a quite limited market.” said Bovensiepen.

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While difficult, he seems to think a Supra could be possible, even if it isn’t likely. “But if we would like to drive a Toyota Supra, we would ask BMW, “Can we borrow one from you for two weeks? We would like to see the concept in private.” And then BMW would say, “Maybe yes,” outside of internal BMW test tracks, this would not be a problem.”

Don’t expect much to come from either the Z4 or Supra. ALPINA is more focused on bigger luxury cars, especially for the U.S. market. However, it’s cool to know that Bovensiepen is willing to at least entertain outside-the-box ideas.

[Source: Motor1]