Swiss tuner Dahler was one of the first to launch a tuning package for the remarkable BMW Z4 M40i. They have a suite of choices for all models, not just the M Performance choice, but that’s the one that stands out the most because it’s also the most desirable choice. The first kit Dahler launched offered a rather decent bump in power, up to about 400 HP. That took the Z4 dangerously close to the M2 Competition, a car some people are pondering over the roadster.

Well, for those interested in a Z4 M40i, the news continue. The Swiss tuner unveiled a Stage 2 upgrade this week, with even more power, of course. According to them, the more hardcore choice will get you 435 HP and 472 lb-ft (640 Nm) of torque. Those are BMW M2 Competition trampling numbers and quite an upgrade compared to the stock car. Remember, they are located in Switzerland and thus have access solely to the European version of the car.

That said, the Stage 2 upgrade brings 100 extra horses and 140 extra Nm of torque, to a grand total that puts even the standard M3 to shame. However, such a drastic increase in potency could have unexpected side effects on the way the car drives. You need to remember, this is a rear-wheel drive car and sending all that power to the rear axle might be a bit too much. Having driven the Z4 M40i on a number of occasions, I can wholeheartedly tell you that I never felt the need for more power.

The best part is that the aero bits unveiled the first time around will still fit. Thus, if you’re not interested in turning tires into dust, you might be tempted to just get visual tweaks for your Z4 and Dahler has a subtle way of creating parts that simply enhance a car’s looks. They have aero bits, wheels and other trims for your visual pleasure, just waiting to be picked up.