Once again we’re taking a look at what seems to be a battle between the future and the past. Most of the automotive industry experts seem to agree that electric vehicles are the future, thus, cars like the Tesla Model 3 are becoming really popular. By contrast, internal combustion engines are seemingly on their back foot, soon to be replaced and almost forgotten. Not even cool cars like the M2 Competition and M850i xDrive are safe.

The guys from The Fast Lane Car have apparently bought a Model 3. Therefore, we’ve been seeing a lot of videos from them featuring the electric car, including plenty of drag racing action. Even though their Model 3 is not equipped with the Performance package, it’s still a fast car because it’s a dual-motor version which means it has all-wheel drive. Chip in the usual instant torque of electric motors and you get the idea.

That’s why the BMW M2 Competition doesn’t really stand a chance against it, at least not without a proper driver behind the wheel. The guys from TFL Car are known for having issues with BMW’s Launch Control sequence that seems to be way too difficult to activate in their book.

Without it, the RWD M2 loses in front of the Tesla, even though Roman completely missed the start in the first race, prompting them to have a do-over. Then the BMW M850i xDrive was tasked to beat whoever came on top. Since the Tesla eventually won, the two went head to head. With the 8 Series being all-wheel drive as well, things didn’t go as smoothly as one would imagine. Check it out!