Since MINI is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, a lot of journalists are going to dedicate videos and reviews to the British brand that has quite the cult following behind it. This time we’re looking at the guys from Car Advice who have gone out on a limb and are trying a new concept: reviewing an entire model range in one video. To be honest, it’s rather easy to do that with MINI and its models because they share quite a lot between them.

The MINI range is made up of a lot more models today than it was back when the original, classic Mini was launched. You have the most popular car and the one that is known around the world, the Hatch opening the scene. The Hatch is offered with a decent variety of engines today, from 1.2-liter mills to 2-liter ones with up to 228 HP in JCW shape. Then there’s the 5-door hatch, a new ‘creation’ meant to offer more practicality in a car that’s not supposed to be practical in the first place.

Then there’s the Clubman, the Countryman and the Convertible, all cars that share the same underpinnings and recipe but to different scale. Most of them have exactly the same engines but that will vary depending on the market. Diesel MINI models are quite popular in Europe as a matter of fact, especially when it comes to the bigger models in the range like the Clubman and Countryman. Having diesel power under the hood means you can cruise around more efficiently.

As we’re heading for an electrified industry, the MINI Countryman Cooper S E Hybrid is getting more attention than ever. It’s a decent PHEV, to be honest, and it’s a step in the right direction. The MINI brand will get more electrified models later on, starting with the MINI Electric which is bound to arrive this year.