Last year, in order to mark the official confirmation that an electric MINI hatch model is coming, the British company unveiled a classic Mini of the 1960s transformed into an EV. That car apparently gave some other people a couple of ideas and today the Brits from Swindon Powertrain announced they can provide such a car for those willing to part ways with £79,000. That’s quite a lot of money.

The car goes by the name of Swind E Classic Mini and, according to the manufacturer, only 100 units will ever be made, thus partly explaining the price tag. The quirky car has an electric motor good for 80 kW which adds up to about 108 HP. The battery is claimed to have a capacity of 24 kWh and that means the car can apparently cover up to 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge. Furthermore, considering the compact size of the car in the first place, I’m willing to bet this will be quite an agile city cruiser.

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The Swind E will accelerate from standstill to the benchmark 62 mph speed in 9.2 seconds while the 50-80 km/h (32 – 50 mph) acceleration takes just 4.3 seconds. Due to the batteries being located in the back the balance of the car has been improved, from a ratio of 68:32 to 57:43. There’s no fuel tank on the car either which means the trunk is now bigger the capacity going up to 200 liters.

The exterior of the car may be classic but under the sheet metal things are completely new and on par with today’s technologies. Customers can have the cars fitted with navigation systems, infotainment and even AC, something you couldn’t possibly get on the original. The car also comes in a variety of colors and performance packages but there’s no word on how long it takes to charge it and if it comes with fast charging.