It looks like making cars is no longer enough for a variety of car makers. BMW has been selling branded merchandise since the 70s, MINI following suit once it was bought by the Bavarian company. The British company is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and, apart from the special edition MINI hatch they unveiled, they will also mark the occasion with a new lifestyle collection.

Unveiled today, the collection is made up of 50 design pieces created in the characteristic style of the iconic brand and they are split between four big categories: textiles, kids’ products, luggage items and accessories. The textile side of things is made up of three t-shirts, with separate designs. From a simple stripe t-shirts to ones with car prints on and a vintage logo version you can surely find something you like in the collection.

The accessories part of the collection is made up of a color block ice tea jug, mugs, a beach tennis set and a football (soccer in the US). For the true MINI fan you can also get a striped duffel bag and a striped shopper as well as a striped belt bag for your luggage carrying needs. As for the kids, they are covered as well with a couple of new toys, ranging from a striped toybox to a yo-yo, the Bulldog 2.0 and striped baby gift set which includes individually patterned pairs of socks and a striped hat.

All new items will be available at select dealers throughout this year. You’re definitely spoiled for choice but if it were my money, I’d probably go for the MINI Hatch 60th Anniversary Edition we showed you a while back, coming with all those bespoke details on to mark a truly special occasion.