Last week, ahead of the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, BMW hosted the market introduction in China of the new BMW X7, one of the most important markets for the Bavarians, and for other premium automakers. In Q1 2019, BMW has shown a 10 percent sales growth and a high-single digit growth is expected to continue this this year.

The profile of a Chinese customer is also significantly different than one from the US or Germany, so to adjust to that reality, the company decided to hold a special launch event for the X7 which not only included local and international media, but also future customers, VIPs and influencers.

A research by consulting firm McKinsey said that the Chinese “consumers are becoming more sophisticated than previous generations of buyers, who cared primarily about social status. The reason for the change, in part, is that more premium buyers will be driving their own cars rather than being chauffeured.”

Furthermore, customers in China put the following key factors at the top of their purchasing list – brand, reputation, powertrain technology, and exterior. These are exactly some of the best attributes of the new W Luxury Class at BMW, so it comes as no surprise that BMW introduced its entire Luxury Class in Shanghai, alongside the X7 – the 8 Series Coupe and 7 Series Facelift.

The event has hosted by Pieter Nota, Board of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales, and took place at the “The X7 Mansion”, a swanky place that matches the high-end and luxury status of these vehicles. There was even a pool, built in the early 20th century, with columns surrounding the deck, which became the stage for synchronized swimmers who previewed the unveiled of the X7 SUV.

The models introduced featured large displacement engines, like the M50i, 750i or the M850i Coupe, demonstrating the engineering capabilities of these luxury cars. In China, the New BMW X7 xDrive40i starts at 1,000,000 CNY, around $149,000 at today’s currency rate. The Executive M Sport X7 xDrive40i jumps to 1,258,000 CNY ($187,000), while the top model, the X7 M50i has a price of 1,628,000 CNY ($242,000).

What’s interesting is the fact that in China, the top V8 X7 is labeled as the M50i, while the US market and others, are selling it under the X7 50i moniker.

To see more photos from the X7 launch, click on the gallery below: