The guys from Vilner Design are the ones responsible for some of the most beautiful custom interiors we’ve ever seen. Alongside Carlex Design they take things to entirely new levels when it comes to bespoke interiors and this time we’re looking at a bespoke X6 M. The interior of the ultra-fast SUV has been upgraded in a subtle way with blue accents, probably a hint that the owner prefers that color to anything else.

The BMW X6 M is a good looking car if you ask me. As a matter of fact, I find it to be the best looking Coupe SUV on the market right now which makes me wonder how the upcoming model will shape up. Judging by the early leaks we’ve seen so far, I’m afraid the new model might be an acquired taste. To be fair, we’ve only seen one photo of its rear end so far and from a bad angle so judging it now would be too soon.

Getting back to the F96 model at hand here, the guys from Vilner did their thing but they made sure not to go too far. Their work over the years has varied from introducing small accents on a car to completely overhauling the interior. This time, we’re looking at a dual-tone cockpit if you will, featuring BMW i Blue highlights. The steering wheel is particularly striking as it mixes carbon fiber elements with leather and blue stitching to great effect.

The seats have also been redone, featuring the same blue color on certain parts while the center console follows the same recipe along with the armrest. The seat belts have all turned blue and the same theme applies in the back as well. All in all, this thing looks stunning.