The BMW X6 M is the ultimate bruiser in the BMW line-up. It may not be the fastest or the biggest M car but it is nonetheless the one with the most aggressive design simply demanding respect. It’s a beautiful car in standard guise if you ask me but for some people that’s not enough and tuners worldwide can help out if that’s the case. The one we’re checking out today has been put through two tuning programs for the best possible finish, with Manhart and Carlex Design signing off on it.

The guys from Manhart Performance are known for their outrageous power upgrades for the S63 engines. They created 800 HP X5 M and X6 M models and they definitely know what they’re doing. But extreme power levels are nothing without control and their complete works for the X6 M include an upgraded suspension, bigger wheels, aerodynamics-enhancing bits all around and a new exhaust for a better sound.

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After Manhart was done with the car, it already steered away quite a lot from how it looked and felt to drive when leaving the BMW plant in the first place. The owner then decided to upgrade the interior and went to Carlex Design to do so. The Poland-based tuner is know in the automotive realm for its exquisite craftsmanship and bespoke finishes, creating unique interiors for a wide range of cars, from G wagons to Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars.

In this case they went for a black and yellow combination, with rich Alcantara covering the roof lining, dash, arm rests and center console as well as even parts of the steering wheel. Rich Merino leather seems to cover the rest while yellow accents finish off the striking combination. It looks absolutely marvelous and does turn the X6 M into a unique, bespoke car, that probably being exactly what the owner was going for.