Today is April Fools, so don’t take a lot of car news today too seriously. However, this one is for real, as it was actually revealed a few days ago. We’d known that Alfa Romeo was working on a new sports coupe based on the currently Giulia sedan and we’d already known that it would be very powerful. In fact, it was already leaked that this upcoming coupe would be called the Alfa Romeo GTV and would make about 600 hp. Now, though, we know it will be gorgeous.

Last year, some internal Alfa Romeo information and powerpoint slides were leaked, showing off the Italian brand’s plans for the future. In the leaked info, it was revealed that Alfa had the upcoming GTV planned for some time and that the goal was to make 600-plus horsepower from a combination of the brand’s 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 and hybridization.

Now, a new leaked photo from an internal Alfa presentation shows us what the new Alfa Romeo GTV will look like. Or at least what the back half of it will look like. And it looks great.

It’s sleek, athletic and emotional looking, like a proper Alfa should. The lack of B-pillar looks great and so too does its sharp kink at the C-pillar. It’s also low and long, suggesting it might be a bit bigger than something like a BMW M4 and possibly a BMW M8/M850i competitor. Especially with a 600 hp hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive. That would make for a very interesting new competitor in the segment.

We won’t see this car until 2021 but we’re excited to see it when it does finally debut. With Alfa’s current track record, this GTV should be gorgeous and it should be very fast. How it compares to whatever BMW product it competes with is a different story, obviously, as it hasn’t even been officially revealed yet. Still, the return of an Alfa Romeo GTV, an iconic nameplate, with 600 horsepower and stunning looks is a prospect all enthusiasts can get excited about.

UPDATE: As it turns out, this supposedly leaked photo is actually not from Alfa but instead from a student project from the School of Design Milan. We recently spoke to a spokesperson from Alfa who confirmed that this rendering was not done by Alfa Romeo and is not representative of what the car might look like.

[Source: Autocar]