BMW’s M next biggest hit could be the long-time rumored M2 CS which is schedule to in production in March 2020. Around 445-450 horsepower are planned for the limited M2 CS coming from the same 3.0 liter twin-turbo “S55” inline-six engine as the M2 Competition.

Yet apparently, this might not be the fastest factory-built M2. Another rumor just popped up on our radar mentioning a BMW M2 Track Cup model which could deliver as much as 470 horsepower. The M2 Track Cup would be built exclusively for track activities and won’t be homologated for public road use, similar to the M4 GT4.

Not the actual car, this is the Evolve M2 GTS project

No other details are known at the moment, but it’s fair to assume that the M2 Track Cup would be a replacement for the M240i Racing Car which has been used in track activities around the world. The racing car could include track-optimized engine software, racing seats, ABS, DSC and traction control adapted specifically for motor racing, rear and front spoilers, diffusor, carbon wing mirrors and rear wing, which improves the aerodynamic performance of the rear axle.

Just like the M235i Racing and its successor the M240i Racing, the M2 Track Cup would be built in limited numbers and be sold worldwide to customer racing teams. Pricing is likely to also be over $100,000, considering the M240i was sold for nearly $120,000.