With the renaming of the BMW M235i Racing Cup to the BMW M240i Racing Cup, BMW Motorsport is also introducing a new racing car – The BMW M240i Racing Evo. The new racing car will bear the brand and design elements of the production car, and will contain among other things, optimized engine software. New end plates for the rear wing contribute to the optical upgrade of the cars used in race series and Cup classes around the world. In addition, BMW customer racing offers an optional new driver’s seat in the BMW M240i Racing design. It will enhance seating comfort and the precision of the fit.

“This contract extension is another clear sign of our commitment to customer racing,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “As a production-based, and thus affordable, entry-level model for the motorsport scene, the BMW M235i Racing has been a great success from the word go. On one hand, you can see this from the fact that the corresponding class has for years been the strongest Cup class in the VLN, with a field of roughly 20 cars. On the other hand, we take great pleasure in seeing Cup participants thrill fans with fantastic displays of racing, time and time again. I am pleased that we are now able to offer our customer teams planning security for a further two years, and to reward them for their loyalty.”

In the course of the contract extension, BMW Motorsport has also raised the prize money on offer in the Team competition in the BMW M240i Racing Cup. As of the 2019 season, the most successful teams will receive 100,000 euros in prize money – 25,000 euros more than before. The early confirmation of a continued collaboration with the VLN, together with the increased prize money, will make the class, which already features an outstanding field, even more attractive. The continuity of the collaboration with tyre partner Dunlop, which has been on board since the inaugural season in 2014, also contributes to the appeal of the competition.

Another important plus-point of the BMW M240i Racing Cup class will remain the support offered by BMW Motorsport, which will continue to supply teams with spare parts at the racetrack, as well as full customer support, including engineer support.