BMW’s Customer Racing program has grown immensely over the last few years. For the longest time, if you wanted a BMW race car, you bought a road car and then spent a lot of money turning it into a race car. With the growth of the FIA GT3-specification, BMW decided to join Porsche, Audi Sport, and Mercedes-AMG with a manufacturer-developed customer race car with the BMW Z4 GT3.

The BMW Z4 GT3 saw some success, but it was in limited numbers as the high cost was only for the biggest of customer racing teams. Then in 2014, BMW unveiled a customer racing car for the masses with the BMW M235i Racing. It took a couple years but, the M235i Racing has finally developed a large customer base around the world and proved that there was a market for BMW race cars. So in 2017, BMW unveiled the M4 GT4 to fill the gap between the M235i Racing and M6 GT3, which replaced the Z4 GT3 in 2016.

But what if you want to dip your toes in the water first? Well, BMW is now offering the BMW M Race Track GT Training! Here is the description for this new program:

This training course is an absolute sensation for drivers with courage and confidence. Anyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of a BMW M4 GT4 won’t forget the experience for a long, long time. Good driving skills are an absolute prerequisite. After all, this thoroughbred racing car carries the already intensive driving experience into a totally new dimension – and is a heart-stopper for motorsport fans.

Reduced to the bare essentials, the cockpit of the BMW M4 GT4 lets you experience the spectacular sound of the engine, breathtaking acceleration, the powerful race break system and driving on Slick tires. Professional instructors, including active racing drivers, guide you step-by-step to the ultimate limits of driving dynamics and the ideal line.

If you have already participated in a BMW M race track training course, you will be eligible to register for this program. You will experience two days of intense track driving with technical talks, supervised drives, and data analysis of your sessions. To make it feel like a true race experience, you’ll go through a custom seat fitting, will use full fire-resistant driving gear, and will have team supervision throughout the program.

This new training course will be held at a few tracks across Europe including the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Sachsenring in Germany, and Mugello in Italy. Considering that just the cost of an M4 GT4 is almost $200,000, it makes the €4,480 registration fee seem fairly reasonable.

For more information and to register for the BMW M Race Track GT Training course, visit: