The BMW X3 M and X4 M models have just been unveiled and yet tuners are already announcing plans of creating enhanced versions. It’s not like the cars aren’t already powerful enough, as I’m pretty sure the new S58 engine will most likely be more than adequate for the job, but there’s always room for more, right? The guys from Manhart Performance are apparently already working on an enhanced version of the X4 M according to their latest post on Facebook.

For now, this is probably just a preview as no specs have been revealed or exactly what parts will be made available but you can expect the final product to look a lot like this, as it follows the usual Manhart Performance cues. The front end will get a new spoiler under the bumper along with gold accents around the air intakes, creating a mean look. The traditional double-spoke wheels will also be included in the pack along with other visual details.

Round the back we’ll get to see a new boot lid spoiler, new diffuser for the rear bumper and trims for the quad exhausts. If the name is any indication, the Manhart MHX4 600 will probably be aiming for 600 PS. That’s a rather big number considering the engine under the hood is only a 3-liter straight six. Sure, the two turbos help out and all but that would still get the total output up to 200 HP/liter.

The X4 M in Competition guise comes with 510 PS and we love the fact that this figure is on par with the competition, as the name suggests. Now imagine just how fast the Manhart version could be with some 90 extra ponies under the hood. If the standard car does 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, the MHX4 600 could drop in the threes.