BMW delivered over 140,000 electrified vehicles in 2018

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Since 2014, BMW’s sales of electrified vehicles have been underwhelming, to put it kindly. Neither the BMW i3 nor the i8 have sold in anywhere …

Since 2014, BMW’s sales of electrified vehicles have been underwhelming, to put it kindly. Neither the BMW i3 nor the i8 have sold in anywhere near the numbers that it had hoped and its plug-in hybrid vehicles haven’t exactly been sales giants either. However, sales of electrified BMWs have been growing and 2018 was the brand’s best year yet, with over 140,000 units sold.

“Since launching the BMW i3 in 2013, the BMW Group has rapidly grown its sales of electrified vehicles. With over 140,000 delivered in 2018, we have once again achieved our ambitious target,” said Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “This great sales result and our impressive market share proves our vehicles are what the customer wants. In countries which offer appropriate infrastructure and regulatory support, we see how quickly electromobility can become the norm. I’m confident that by the end of this year, there will be a total of half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the roads, with much more to come as we continue to extend our model line-up over the next few years,”

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BMW claims that it holds the majority of the market share for electrified vehicles sold in Europe, with over 16-percent market share. In Germany, the brand says that one in five electrified vehicles sold are BMWs. Those are admittedly impressive figures but the Bavarians still have some work to do.

Tesla, for instance, sold about 100,000 more electric vehicles in 2018. Admittedly, that’s not the best comparison, as Tesla only sells pure BEVs and BMW only sells a handful of electrified vehicles (both BEV and plug-in hybrid). In total sales, zee Germans far outsells Tesla and it’s not even close. But in terms of electric vehicles, the Silicon Valley automaker still has the edge worldwide.

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Though, expect the brand’s fleet of electric vehicles to increase. By 2021, BMW will have several new electrified vehicles, both fully electric and hybrid. Two of the important cars for BMW will be the iX3, the electrified version of the X3 SUV, and the i4. So there’s a lot to look forward to for BMW and the brand’s EV sales are growing but it needs to pick up the pace a bit.

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  1. Is there any place where we can find the global sales per models?


  2. What? says:

    “Since 2014, BMW’s sales of electrified vehicles have been underwhelming, to put it kindly. Neither the BMW i3 nor the i8 have sold in anywhere near the numbers that it had hoped…”

    I find it interesting that of all the places that keeps criticizing i3 and i8 sales, BMWBLOG is one of them. Especially when BMWBLOG has an article from long ago buried somewhere about the unexpected demand, including one of BMW increasing production.

    Need I remind you they only expected to sell 10k i3 vehicles per year. So explain how 35k i3 sales for 2018 is nowhere “near the numbers that [BMW] had hoped.”

    It’s absurd to compare absolute sales to Tesla since they only sell EVs (of course, that’s why they’re about $7B in debt cause EVs are expensive to produce). Also, the current sales of Model 3 is not representative. They’re backfilling pre-orders.

    140k sales is tremendous when you do a proper relative comparison. Comparing the relative EV/PHEV sales of BMW to other manufacturers and they’re blowing them out of the water.

    I would expect a blog post like this from InsideEVs since they crap on anything not Tesla, but not you guys.

  3. cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

    “…the Bavarians still have some work to do.”?! The market & other manufacturers have much more, BEV are a fraction of ICE, do other Germans have a volume BEV? Meanwhile, BMW increase sales on a model introduced yrs. ago. Also, from your reportage here, we know BMW have invested billions in that work (part of their earnings warning), it’s in the pipeline.

    • Eddie says:

      Check out MUNRO tear down of the Model 3. Tesla makes 30% profit on each car, Porsche was around 18%. Gigafactory makes the Tesla batteries profitable. Every other manufacturer will buy thru 3rd party battery companies which really cuts into their profits. Tesla almost makes everything in house. My 2017 Model X with 7 passenger seating, MSRP $115,000. My same car today is $7000 less. He is bringing savings to the customer where other manufacturers would never to that. The Model 3, X/S are premium luxury cars. If you do not want to buy premium and want something boring buy a Leaf, Bolt, BMW i3, Kia or Hyundai. Jag, Audi, and Porsche make more premium options.

      • Eddie says:

        You can buy an old school Escalade for $100,000. My Model X is filled by My solar panels. With gas/electric savings it works out to be $900/month for me without changing my lifestyle. I love the EV revolution. I can not control healthcare costs but I can control energy use. Waiting for my Tesla powerwall battery to be off the grid. Everyday the grid becomes cleaner.

        • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

          BEV selling a fraction of ICE globally is no revolution, they don’t even offer a pick-up, by far the volume seller in the largest market. So far, BEV are The Flat Earth Society, sailing over the edge..,

      • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

        Thank you for your unfettered Tesla p.r., I’m going to give it a decade & see who survives the imminent market shakedown. Great that Tesla make 30% profit on a limited volume BEV. What are the company’s profits? And/or where are they? Since battery costs are expected to reduce, how will that cut into profits? Any actual owner reviews of i3 I have read online are positive. Have you driven one? Century of German automotive engineering>decade of limited production hype & waitlists. Sorry about your house, are you living in your Model X? EVERY manufacturer adjusts prices & offers promotions depending what’s going on in the market, thus manufacturers’s SUGGESTED retail prices, aka msrp. Fyi. Sadly, your identification of Tesla as a premium manufacturer explains their success in their monopoly market, which ends soon. Jag, Audi & Porsche as yet are NOT producing competitive BEV.

        • Eddie says:

          Still amazing how Tesla first car company in 90 years makes fastest and safest car in the world first generation with all new tech. An Escalade is $100,000 and it is old school gas tech. Yes, Tesla had to burn thru mountains of cash for its own R&D, production etc. the other manufacturers are burning thru cash with layoffs to start a whole new electric infrastructure also. Billions to switch to electric. Tesla stock primarily batteries as car is smaller part of stocks. Electric grid hard to balance supply/demand but with battery storage Tesla solved the last part of the equation. Residential and commercial battery sales through the roof. Musk wants to be known as the battery guy not car guy.

          • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

            And a century ago electric had 25% of the market. How’d that go? Oh, yeah – away. And yet no competition took advantage of Tesla opening up their patents, Elon may still end up being known as the High Boring Martian Pedo.

  4. Eddie says:

    I have always liked the i3 and almost bought one but too small especially only for 4 adults. If it could seat 5 and twice the range, I bet they would have sold many more. Many people have to realize it is hard on the batteries charging to 100% all the time and draining below 20%. So calculating range is much less than the 80 miles. If you live in Phoenix or North Dakota you HVAC has a huge effect on mileage as well as freeway miles. Aggressive driving or hilly environments also must be factored. It is nice to have large enough battery that you can only use your home charger. You always have a full charge from home to perform you city duties. My Tesla I do not have to such for charges for city driving as home charging is the difference.

    • Tobias Carlén says:

      Twice the range and and seating 5? That’s a Tesla P100D, which Tesla is selling at a loss at a starting price of $135,000.

      Basically, what you are saying is: “if you started selling cars WAY below cost, you would move more units”. Right you are, Einstein!

      • Eddie says:

        See below

        • Eddie says:

          See below CNET

        • Tobias Carlén says:

          Well, rambling on without adding any pertinent facts doesn’t really change anything, does it?
          Tesla has changed the car paradigm to electric, and has, in doing so burned through a mountain of cash. BMW meanwhile, is a for-profit car manufacturer. For BMW, copying Tesla’s spending model would mean bancruptcy and demise => no more BMW. BMW’s owners & CEO doesn’t want this, so is not following your script.

  5. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    ix3 will be the one pushing their electric cars next year moving forward. The wait is on for more unveilings this year, it’s exciting it’s just unfortunate we are far from solid state battery technology to grab a lot of customers. BMW said their tech will be ready for the market in 2026, still far.

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