The BMW M5 wrote history because it was developed to be usable both on the track and on public roads. It’s a magnificent machine and has been so ever since it first came out, the latest iteration, the F90 M5, pushing the performance envelope even higher. The magic of any M car though remains its dual character but in some cases, one could have even more personalities hidden under that sheet metal, as the guys from AutoGuide are exemplifying in the video review below.

First up: can the M5 be a family car? The answer is absolutely yes. It’s a comfortable cruiser whenever you don’t really need it to be pushed hard. Switch everything in Comfort mode and you’ll barely tell the difference between an M5 and a regular 5 Series. There’s plenty of room in the back for the kids and there’s more room in the boot than in the equivalent Mercedes-AMG E63 model, although the latter is also available as a wagon, which settles this dispute.

For the “Sports Car Driver” in you, the M5 once again rises up to the challenge. This has been covered by so many reviews already that it feels like the M5 is a sports car alone. One interesting take on how the M5 could also be used involves a ‘limo driver’. Yes, the M5 is spacious in the back and comfortable enough to be used to chauffeur people around. It even comes with rear window shades if you want it to.

Last but not least, this could also be a car for the tech ‘nerds’ according to AutoGuide. It comes with tons of technology that can be a bit overwhelming at first. From Gesture Control to the surround view cameras and the sublime Bowers and Wilkins sound system, there’s a lot to nerd over in the new M5.