Ask any BMW aficionado what M5 is the best of all time and the answer will be one of two in most cases: E39 M5 or E60 M5. If it was my choice, I’d definitely go for the E60 model as long as I din’t have to pay for the gas or the maintenance. That also seems to be Doug DeMuro’s opinion as he just posted a video talking about the iconic E60 M5 on his channel and dissected it in his very typical fashion.

Normally, when playing 20-minute long videos I get bored rather quickly. but Doug has a way of keeping me glued to the screen. He does get into some rather interesting quirks and features of the cars usually so I guess that’s what makes me watch for the entire length of the video. As for the E60 M5, there’s plenty to talk about, you could fill a 30-minute video just by talking about the brilliant 5-liter V10 engine under the hood, if you will.

E60 BMW M5 01 830x554

Truth be told though, as brilliant as the S85 engine was, it did have some issues with the rod bearings, as a lot of owners reported. Even Doug here apparently had a different M5 lined up to review and before he could do that, the engine blew up due to that exact issue. So he found a different one, with a manual gearbox, which would be the ideal choice, as the SMG gearboxes aren’t particularly known for their reliability.

Leaving that aside, when it did work, the E60 M5 was a brilliant machine and it still is today. As Doug points out, it was a technological marvel back in the early 2000s, coming with adjustable… everything and even the famed M button which unlocked all the power the 5-liter engine could deliver. I’m going to let you enjoy his take on the car now.