In case you watch Doug DeMuro and always wondered what he thought was the best looking sedan ever made, the video below should offer some insight into that. In his latest upload he talks about a 2001 BMW E38 7 Series and not just any 7 Series but a top of the line 750Li. That used to be the best BMW had to offer back in 2001. The starting price for one of these back then was about $93,000 which would translate to over $130,000 these days. That’s a lot of money but was it worth it?

If you ask Doug, it was definitely worth it. According to him, this is the best sedan BMW ever made and also the best looking four-door sedan ever penned. It’s hard to argue, especially from my point of view, since I also am a big fan of the E38-gen 7 Series. It embodies what I think should be viewed as classic Bavarian design, being stylish and terribly serious at the same time. This model also comes with a V12 and that means you’ll have a silky smooth experience all the time.

In his typical style Doug goes over the quirks and features of the car and, since this is a model hailing from the late 1990s and early 2000s, it does come with some features we might find odd. The way to boot opens or how there’s a sticker on the inside showing you how to stow four golf bags in there might seem absurd right now but it only shows that BMW knew its clientele. The technology inside the cabin is also impressive for the year when it came out.

You get a phone inside that looks like a Motorola Startac, massaging seats and an interesting warning light on the instrument cluster, telling you when you need to service your car. There’s a heated steering wheel available as well, while adjusting the said steering wheel can also be done thanks to an electric motor. There’s so much more he goes over across 23 minutes, you really should check out the whole footage to get a better grip of what the E38 7 Series was all about.