Evolve has been doing some really cool work with BMWs for some time now. They even have a couple of really awesome project cars currently underway, such as their green M3 dubbed ‘Project Viper’ and their new BMW M5. But this new video shows off their work on a customer’s F82 BMW M4.

This specific customer wanted a new catless downpipe, a Stage 2 ECU tune and an upgraded charge cooler to replace a slightly leaking one. In this video, we get to see all the work done, which is always satisfying to watch in time lapse, as well as hear the difference between the stock downpipe and catless downpipe.

The stock BMW M4 isn’t the best sounding sports car on the road. Its engine is brilliant in terms of power and performance but it just doesn’t sound great. The catless downpipe doesn’t really change the actual sound much, it just makes it louder and more aggressive, which does help.

In addition to the sound, the new downpipe removes some exhaust restriction, allowing for a bit more power due to freer flowing exhaust gasses. Add that to the new charge cooler, which helps improve cooling, and the ECU tune and this customer’s M4 hit the dyno at 519 hp, up from 446 hp stock. That’s an impressive boost and puts this M4 right in line with more powerful cars, like the Mercedes-AMG C63 S (502 hp) and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (505 hp).

This customer also opted for some visual upgrades, such as black grilles, black fender badges and some new side skirts. All of that combines to make the stock M4 look more like a Competition Package car and the extra power makes it even faster than one. It’s a nice build and one that doesn’t look too obnoxious but has a bit more of a sporty look with some extra bite to back up its bark.