There’s something really appealing about a Mineral Black BMW M4 and Bronze flavored wheels. The contrasting combination found its way into mainstream builds in the recent few years, giving us some interesting looking aftermarket projects. This one comes from ADV.1 Wheels and it’s a project that was specially prepared for the last GoldRush Rally.

Since the F82 M4 had to be both modded and ready for the strain of high-performance rallying, city streets, highways and the back roads or getting launched on the drag strip and doing laps on the racetrack, the particular demanding conditions required only the utmost high-quality parts to be used.

goldrush rally 2017 bmw f82 m4 gold forged mesh wheels d 830x554

The BMW M4’s most prominent feature (besides all the decals) are the ADV8R M.V2 CS Directional Forged wheels. While some consider directional wheels just a trend, they’ve been going strong for a few years now. With the spokes aimed in the direction of travel, the wheels look highly seductive, giving an appeal of performance – even while standing still. For this M4 build, the wheels are machined in sizes of 20×9.5 in the front and 20×12.5 in the rear – slightly larger in width than what we’re used to seeing on M3/M4 builds. But, thanks to perfect fitment, there’s no scraping or any other issues present, giving the back end of the vehicle quite a powerful appearance.

goldrush rally 2017 bmw f82 m4 gold forged mesh wheels b 830x554

Additionally, the BMW M4 features a KW Suspension HAS (Height Adjustable Spring Kit) installed. In turn, it allows the vehicle much better cornering performance, quickly adjustable ride height, and a much more aggressive stance as well. The wheels come wrapped in high-performance Falken tires, giving the owner plenty of traction in high-speed cornering driving modes. You can take a look at the complete BMW M4 photoshoot right below.