California-based Designworks, a BMW subsidiary, is known for designing everything, from futuristic robots for underwater work, to metro trains and even airplane business class seats. Their latest endeavor saw them join forces with Taiwanese five star airline EVA Air to create exactly those aforementioned seats for their clients. Designworks’ aviation team was tasked with creating these new business class seats to fit the company’s philosophy and branding.

The target was to step away from a ‘conventional’ seat design built off heritage, and move towards a more unique and mature design, creating bold and differentiated experiences for its passengers. Approaching this challenge by focusing on the end-to-end passenger in-cabin experience, including meal service access and user friendly feature design, Designworks’ approach incorporates streamlining stowage, whilst maximizing spaces for productivity and entertainment.

“At a time where consumer expectations continue to rise across their daily brand interactions, mobility industries must constantly adapt to rapidly changing customer needs”, said Design Director Johannes Lampela from Designworks’ LA Studio. “For the aviation industry this means balancing flexibility with a structured environment, providing privacy without isolation, as well as complete connectivity within a premium and relaxed setting. Our goal was to take a proven seat platform and make it unique to EVA”, he continued.

Heavily influenced by architecture and furniture design, an intentionally muted, warm color palette is used as part of the seat design, to complement the colorful accents provided by EVA signature service and amenities. By creating a seamless space that integrates features cleanly and provides ample horizontal work surfaces, the design language focuses on professional travelers seeking a productive yet relaxing environment.

Wool carpet, natural leather and rich custom textiles are all intertwined, whilst keeping things comfortable and durable at the same time. The highest level of attention to detail has been considered throughout the customer experience – even the color choice of the flight attendants uniform during the meal service has been carefully planned and curated – to ensure a premium, highly customized environment unique to EVA.