In response to wide ranging changes in the business context of DesignworksUSA, the BMW Group subsidiary will change its name to Designworks, launch a new company website and introduce an updated Corporate Identity.                         

As of 8th April, BMW Group DesignworksUSA will change its name to Designworks, reflecting the design consultancy’s growth into a leading creative consultancy and its increasingly diversified business relationships within and outside the BMW Group. In alignment with the adoption of a new name, the studio will launch a new website which will also reveal the studios’ new CI.

Since 1995, Designworks has been an integral part of BMW Group Design. For decades it has provided its creative services to inspire the culture of innovation at BMW Group and to foster creative thinking, business growth and change for companies worldwide. Out of its core competency and driven by its clients business challenges, Designworks developed a whole range of services interlinking design with expertises such as creative and sustainability consulting, strategy and research, User Interface design and branding. While the consultancy’s set up and service offering have evolved, its core business and strength remains strongly rooted in creativity-based, cross-industry innovation fuelled by its relationship with the BMW Group. Today the time has come for Designworks to align its internal advancement with its external appearance and to present a new name, new company website and an updated corporate identity. With these measures the studio is underpinning its role as a global catalyst for progression and leadership.


Spreading BMW Group’s culture of innovation.

Designworks has a heritage of creating the future. Having started business in the 1970’s as a Malibu based design studio, today the creative consultancy is one team in three locations around the world with both a global and diverse local perspectives on phenomena shaping what is next in design. Clients from around the world – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – seek out the consultancy for informed glimpses into the future. The mission of the creative studio is to leverage the power of BMW Group’s culture of innovation and cutting edge design to advance the goals of external clients. At the same time Designworks brings outside perspectives and impulses to the BMW Group through knowledge and experience gained with cross-industry client engagements. With a widespread design and creative consulting portfolio and a special focus on mobility, digital life and connected consumer, Designworks conflates and helps clients leverage the driving forces of innovation.

Unique Service Offering.

Designworks’ client base has always been versatile. It is even more diverse today and so are the client divisions approaching the studio. Next to product and design management, Designworks’ clients today sit in the strategy departments, in innovation management, in development, in marketing, events or wherever innovation impulses are required. Alluring for many of Designworks’ clients is the consultancy’s ability to provide cross-departmental consultation, guiding large project teams made up of the most diverse departments, disciplines and thought cultures.