DesignWorksUSA design studio is an independently operating BMW Group subsidiary based in Los Angeles, Singapore and Munich.

Their mission statement focuses on creating the coolest gadgets and unique designs for many large companies. In the past, BMW Designworks has teamed up with Boeing in redesigning the interior of a 787 Dreamliner. Design sketches coming from Designworks have won internal design competitions at BMW, and vehicles like the X5, X6 or X3 originate in the Californian studio.

In a most recent design project, BMW Designworks teamed up with Siemens to design a new Metro-generation which provides high transport capacity and low operating costs suited for future urban mobility. The new subway cars, branded as Siemens Inspiro, are said to be composed of not less than 97.5 percent recyclable materials.


The Metro cars have been designed with the latest crash testing regulations and fire protection, and can be equipped with high-sensitive door monitoring. In addition, derailment detectors and a number of different seating configurations are possible; the length of the train can also be adjusted.

Inside, great emphasis was placed on a low noise and high usability. Also, an ambient lighting with strategically placed light pools contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.


To increase personal space, the support poles have been designed as branching trees, offering less physical interactions to those passengers standing up.

The Siemens Inspiro metro cars will debut in Poland’s capital Warsaw in 2012, most likely just on time for the European Soccer Cup.


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