Just last week, BMW i engineers showed us various applications of storing energy in the batteries of the BMW i3 for a number of purposes. In a previous video we saw how you can use the car’s battery as an energy dispenser, with a local farmer using it to power his stand in the market. This time things go down a different route.

Apparently, the BMW i3 can be used to observe wildlife, something that somehow makes sense to some people. Since the i3 was created and sold from the get go as the ultimate urban conquering machine, you can easily understand why most people overlooked the possibility of using it as their offroader or their vehicle of choice whenever going in the woods to watch animals. Then again, the more things the i3 can do, the better in my book.

Then we also get to see our protagonist reach an obstacle which would be rather impossible to overcome without a chainsaw and a socket in the boot. Upon discovering her road is blocked by a tree trunk, our hero simply goes to the trunk, gets her trusty electric chainsaw, plugs it in the new socket provided by the BMW i3 and cuts her way through. We get that these clips are meant simply to highlight some of the ways the socket in the boot can be used but this is highly unlikely to ever happen to someone.

Nevertheless, we’re glad BMW is taking a few steps in a different direction. Looking at the disasters happening around the world these days, from forest fires in California to sweltering heat in the Scandinavian peninsula, it’s getting pretty obvious that something needs to be done to make sure the following generations don’t have to pay through the nose for our mistakes. Using clean energy and electric cars might be a good first step in the right direction.