Generators have been around for ages and they come in handy in a variety of situations. From powering up hospitals to making sure surgeries don’t go sideways to keeping the lights on in your secluded cabin in the woods, whenever power goes down. However, they are usually using a fossil fuel, and have a couple of downsides as well. BMW i is apparently working on a new system, which would allow you to turn your i3 in an electricity dispenser.

Talk about the possibility of using the batteries inside electric vehicles as an energy source for other purposes than driving around has been going around for quite some time. Tesla is offering batteries to be used in households while BMW has been talking about the possibility of using i3 models connected to the power grid to stabilize networks for a while. Furthermore, BMW is also actively working on finding other uses for used up batteries as well, as we speak.

It looks like the BMW i division is close to actually launching a working product. The latest video published by the electric division inside Munich definitely suggests this. In the video we see a man who apparently quit his stressful desk job for a more peaceful, secluded life. The clip suggests he started living in a cabin and off the land, raising cattle, making cheese and selling it in the nearby town. It’s not a terrible perspective, to be honest.

We also get to see he has a socket in the boot of his BMW i3 which powers his stand while he sells his goods to various customers. Speaking of the i3, the car in the footage is also fitted with special tires for rough roads, something we haven’t seen before. That plays into the fact that our protagonist seems to be enjoying his daily trips in the i3 quite a lot, on unpaved mountain roads, something we can completely get behind.