Tiff Needell is one of the greatest TV show presenters of our time, I think. I know he appeals to a very limited niche of viewers, as he is the presenter of a car show, but he has everything he needs to be great in any situation. He’s limiting himself to cars though because that’s what he knows best and we can totally understand that. In his latest video, he shows us exactly how G-Force works thanks to some acting and a BMW M4.

The footage below was recorded at the Thruxton Motorsport Center in the UK and shows Tiff doing some spirited driving behind the wheel of a BMW M4. He decided to showcase exactly how G-Force works by totally relaxing his neck. Therefore, he left his head to dangle, pushed by forces which were seemingly out of his control. Whenever he accelerates, his head goes backwards, braking doing the exact opposite.

It’s a fun way to show just how powerful these forces are, especially at higher speeds, especially since some people just don’t realize how important it is to understand how physics works and what they need to be aware of on the track. Understanding how the car’s weight will move around while pushing it hard into a corner or out of it, could help you get better times and have a blast on the track as well.

The fact that we have Tiff here doing the honors is just the icing on the cake. He’s had brilliant ideas before and this time he’s just doing us all a favor. The fact that he can drive at those speeds on the track without proper control of his neck simply shows how good he still is behind the wheel, despite his age. Just take a look at how fast he deals with counter-steer, without even flinching or moving his neck.