Tiff Needell

BMW 3.0 CSL shark 18 830x553

VIDEO: Tiff Needell Reviews the Iconic BMW 3.0 CSL

The BMW M1 started it all for the M Division. It was BMW Motorsport’s first real production car and it put the brand’s performance division on the map. However, the car that preceded the BMW…

2020 bmw m2 cs review 04 830x553

VIDEO: BMW M2 CS Drag Races Jaguar F-Type

At the moment, the BMW M2 CS is the best driving Bavarian. It might not be the best looking or the nicest on the inside but, when it comes down to actually putting rubber to…

VIDEO: Watch Tiff Needell drive every generation of BMW M5

Video: Tiff Needell Reviews the New BMW 8 Series

One of our favorite presenters in the automotive realm today is, without a doubt, Tiff Needell. The former pilot has been doing this for quite some time now and we always enjoy his warm personality…