Making cars is a great thing and BMW knows it. It’s been doing so for over 100 years now and the company learned a thing or two. For example, they learned that making a great car will bring hoards of fans begging for more products, not necessarily in the shape of a car. That’s a lesson BMW learned first when the BMW M division was created. The pilots and crew were so cool wearing their branded clothing with the famous M stripes on them, that people simply wanted to dress like them.

From then on out, the accessories division has grown quite a lot. Today BMW offers not only clothing to the average enthusiast but also a wide variety of other stuff, from briefcases, to power banks, pens and even roof racks. More importantly, they get updated along with new offerings in the range, for rather obvious reasons. The video below is BMW Canada’s way of suggesting a couple of products from the accessories catalogue.

It all kicks off with what we usually see every day, a man sitting at a desk. Working behind a desk isn’t exactly the most interesting thing you could do and having a big glass window right next to you with a BMW 5 Series right outside will certainly ruin your productivity. That’s going to get even worse if that car’s yours and you can’t wait to take it for another spin. That’s exactly what happens in this commercial, our protagonist showing us a few products in the process.

From the roof rack to the BMW bike and even BMW M key chain, you can have your pick. And while it may seem odd to some people to wear clothing or accessories from a car maker, I can attest to the quality that goes into them, having been a long-time user of some items myself.