If you’re a big BMW enthusiast, you’ve probably seen at least some of Joe Achilles’ videos before. On his YouTube channel, Achilles has posted multiple videos about both his own cars and press cars he’s been lent. In his own driveway, Achilles has owned multiple BMW 1 Series hatchbacks and even an M2, at least since his YT channel began. His channel has gotten quite big and he’s done some really exciting things with it, most recently this new video where he drives a BMW M140i with the CEO of Car Advice in Australia.

Achilles must be quite proud, as the CEO of Car Advice actually invited him out, after having seen his YouTube channel and being impressed by it. And because Car Advice actually bought a second-hand M140i, CEO Andrew Beecher thought it would be a good idea to take a drive in it with Achilles, who’s owned two.


It’s quite a long video, at 23 minutes long, but it’s rather fascinating to hear the two talk about the car itself, as well as fast BMWs in general, such as the M2. It’s the level of detail with which they talk about the car that’s interesting. For instance, they even discuss the difference between BMW’s indicator stalks that always revert to center, which are on the BMW M140i but have since been replaced with more traditional feeling ones on newer cars. (I never liked those older ones, either, and am glad they’re gone)

Achilles also talks about the differences between the BMW M140i and the BMW M2, both cars he’s owned. For daily driving, he prefers the former, which is why he actually sold the latter for one. It’s more supple and a bit easier to drive than the M2. He also chose the eight-speed automatic gearbox over a manual because he feels it’s better for daily driving, something that will surely have purists foaming.

It’s an interesting video and one worth watching if you have the time.