If you’re a buyer in the six-figure luxury car market, you’re a bit spoiled for choice at the moment. There are so many great cars in this segment that it’s actually hard to choose from them. That’s where journalists come in (as I somehow try to inflate my self worth). Car and Driver recently compiled a list of the twelve best high-end luxury cars on the market. So where does the BMW 7 Series come in?

Ironically enough, the 7 Series comes in 7th place. To be honest, that’s about fair. The 7 Series is a good but not great luxury car in the segment and should fall about middle of the pack. While we’d put it ahead of the aging Audi A8, which came in 4th, we can see why the other cars on the list would be put ahead of it. The 7 Series, in America at least, can be had with a variety of different engines, including BMW’s brilliant B58 (740i), a plug-in hybrid powertrain (740e) and a twin-turbo V8 (750i). The BMW M760i is left off of this list but we would include it as well.

Some of the cars that beat the 7 Series out were the Audi S8, which is a 605 hp monster of a super sedan, the Mercedes-AMG S63/S65, which are both ferociously fast luxury missiles, and the Jaguar XJR575, which could be the most thrilling of all the big luxury cars to drive. Of course, though, the number one car on the list is the standard Mercedes-Benz S-Class. And there’s no argument from us, or at least me, as the S-Class is the best luxury car in the world.

Some of the cars that the 7 Series beat our were the Maserati Quattroporte, which I agree with as that’s not nearly as good a car as you might expect, the standard Jaguar XJ and the Cadillac CT6, both of which I agree with as well. In fact, we mostly agree with this entire list, though it’s curious that the M760i is left off when the other cars’ performance variants had separate entries. Still, though, it’s hard to argue with the meat of it.

[Source: Car and Driver]