We’ve felt for some time now that BMW should really market its Individual program more. Many BMW enthusiasts are completely unaware that they can get the Individual treatment on their car before it even takes deliver. So they can get any sort of paint/interior color combination they want, custom embroidery and different wheel/aerodynamic options than the dealer would normally offer. As long as you can afford it, you’re imagination is really the only ceiling on your customization, within reason of course. To show that off, Shmee150 recently took his BMW M5 to BMW Individual to get some customization done and takes us through the facility where it’s done.

Inside BMW Individual, we get to see quite a few really awesome cars. Front and center is the BMW M850i, which always looks incredible. What’s impressive is that it looks leaps and bounds better than anything else on the floor, proving it really is BMW’s prettiest design in a long time. However, there are some very cool BMWs there, such as the Rosso Corsa BMW M5 and the Signal Green BMW M4. There’s even a E38 BMW L7 on display.

Shmee visits so he can have some Individual M Performance bits added to his M5. Now, it’s not something that’s normally done to used cars there, as used cars are typically upgraded from a dealer, but they made an exception this time. So he got carbon fiber bits added to most of the exterior of the car, such as a new lip spoiler, rear diffuser, lower front intake inserts and, of course, new carbon fiber Kidney Grilles. Personally, I can do without all of that, as the M5 is supposed to be a nice blend of subtlety and aggression and this car looks a bit too boy-racer-y. Still, it’s cool to see what you can add to your car, either before you get it delivered or after.

The paint options are what get me, personally. That Rosso Corsa BMW M5 really revs my engine, if you know what I mean. WHen Shmee looks through all of the color options, it really is remarkable what you can order. There are entire drawers full of just blues and purples, reds and greens and blacks and greys. If I were buying a brand new BMW M car, something exciting and special that I’d been saving up for, I’d absolutely want a special color and there’d be no question I went through BMW Individual.